Innovative Specialty «World Economy» in English

The World Economy major from Belarus State Economic University is intended to provide students with a holistic insight into the forces shaping the global economy. The program will allow students to develop a global and innovative strategic vision in today’s complex, unpredictable and interconnected world.

The program is taught by dedicated, highly-qualified academics and well-known experts with vast international experience. The team of experts includes, among others, a prominent economist and former Belarusian Ambassador to China – Kirill Rudy. 

The students will work in classes with highly supportive and stimulating environment.  In the World Economy program students will:

  • Enhance their knowledge and improve their understanding of the world and society through a set of liberal arts courses. (Philosophy, History, Political Science, Sociology)
  • Master quantitative skills and boost their ability to solve problems.(Calculus, Probability Theory)
  • Upgrade their digital skills. (Information Technologies)
  • Build proficiency in 2 foreign languages. (English, Russian, Chinese)
  • Learn about the central tenets of microeconomic and macroeconomic theory. (Economic Theory, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics)
  • Engage with statistical analysis and econometric modeling and their international applications. (Statistics, Econometrics)
  • Explore diverse facets of the global economic landscape. (World Economy, International Economic Relations)
  • Analyze the context and drivers of international competitive environment. (International Management, International Economic Integration, Economy of the Foreign Countries, International Competitiveness)
  • Gain thorough understanding of international business and entrepreneurship. (Ethics in International Business and Negotiating Techniques, International Business Law, International Entrepreneurship)
  • Take a deep dive into the vast world of business management. (Management in International Business, International Business and Investment)
  • Develop a clear grasp of the global economy’s institutional infrastructure. (Global Economy System, International Economic Organizations)
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of trade issues. (International Marketing, International Trade and Foreign Markets, International Business Transactions and Logistics Operations)
  • Investigate fundamentals of the global financial environment. (Corporate Finance, Global Capital Markets, International Project management)
  • Assess the potential of digital transformation and intellectual property contributions to the modern economy. (Economics of Digitalization, Intellectual Property Management)
  • Pursue original projects with a focus on elements of compelling research and writing

It is high time to prepare for a career in the global marketplace, using advanced language skills in the field of international business. The World Economy program offers the most comprehensive combination of economic and language training.  Students who choose this major will learn how to live, work and succeed in a business environment that’s anything but local!